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Jenn Grace

Jennifer Grace

Research Principal Senior

I am originally from Hermitage, Pennsylvania, a small town located about 90 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. I moved to Pittsburgh in 2002 to complete an internship at Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh to finish my undergraduate degree. I quickly fell in love with the city and began graduate school at Chatham University in 2004. I started working in research at UPMC in 2006 and joined Dr. Levine’s group in 2008. My primary research interests are issues related to women’s health and gender-related studies.

Fun fact: My favorite things to do include cooking with my husband, running, drinking coffee, traveling, and sharing dinner with friends.

Gina Sweeny

Research Coordinator

I was born in Pittsburgh and grew up in the south hills. I moved to Philadelphia and earned my BS and MS in health psychology at the University of the Sciences. After living in Philadelphia for 5 years, I couldn’t wait to move back home to Pittsburgh and soon after I start working in Dr. Levine’s lab. I am interested in behavioral health research and am lucky to have been able to be a part of many interesting studies conducted at this lab.

Fun fact: I am most happy while spending time with my husband and our two young daughters. When time allows, I enjoy crafting, organizing, and learning how to sew.

Lindsay Koch

Research Principal Senior

I am an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) originally from Ohio, although I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for 7 years. My work for the last 10 years has focused on women’s health, both in a hospital setting as well as in outpatient clinics. My role within the group is as a part-time clinician – the rest of the time I am kept on my toes by my curious, goofy, and energetic toddler son (and his best friend, our giant St. Bernard named Camille). My primary area of interest is how psychosocial factors as well as access to care play a role in determining behaviors and outcomes. I tend to draw upon a strength-based yet eclectic style when working with participants.

Fun Fact(s): I am a super-taster, have worked as a magician’s assistant, and got bit by a monkey in college!

Rachel Kolko-Conlon


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Kristin Schroeder

Research Project Assistant

I’m originally from Quakertown PA, I moved here in the early nineties after graduating from Penn State with an M.Ed in Counseling.  The majority of my career was spent in various roles, from counselor to director, focusing on addiction counseling.  I remained active in many volunteer positions while my daughters were young.  Returning to work in 2008, I became involved in heath behavior studies while working in diabetes prevention research.  I’ve enjoyed joining Dr. Levine’s group in 2017, this combination of career changes has exposed me to new areas of focus, while still allowing me to use my counseling degree.

Research interests: Health behavior research. I find it encouraging that even small healthy lifestyle changes can result in significant improvements in a person’s overall health.

Fun fact: I grew up on a horse farm and learned to ride at a young age.  As I got older I spent more of my time riding a bike and soon after moving to Pittsburgh I met my husband on a 100 mile bike ride.  Now with two teenage daughters, we still ride together and our daughter’s occasionally join us, but we don’t ride nearly as far.

Miriam Sheynblyum

Research Specialist

I am from New York City and attended Touro College where I earned a BA in Psychology. I joined the lab in July 2020 as a Research Specialist. My research interests primarily include the treatment of eating disorders and development of weight management interventions.