Current Studies

HABIT: Health and Behaviors in Transition


We are conducting this study to learn more about health behaviors and maternal well-being during pregnancy and through the first postpartum year. The study is a multiply randomized clinical trial and interventions focus on maternal health and wellness during and after pregnancy.

* If you are less than 17 weeks pregnant and interested in participating then   Click here to learn more!
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iHABIT: Understanding the role of impulsive phenotypes on response to perinatal interventions


This is a sub-study of the HABIT study and all women eligible for HABIT are eligible to participate in this study. We are interested in learning about impulsivity and how that relates to health and wellness for pregnant and postpartum ladies. If you are interested in participating in iHABIT, please learn more about HABIT first!

ClockWork: Harnessing the Circadian Timing System for Postpartum Weight Management & Health


We are conducting a study of about 50 women to better understand how timing of eating, activity, sleep, and light/dark exposure relates to weight and health. Women will be recruited during the postpartum period and may participate in a behavioral intervention which uses personalized coaching and digital tools to improve treatment outcomes.

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We have partnered with the Center for the Medicine and Microbiome in Pittsburgh to help create a large collection of biological specimens for future research. Specimens can include blood, urine, saliva, and stool. Participants in our HABIT and iHABIT studies are automatically eligible to participate in this research. For our participants, we are only interested in collecting blood and stool samples at this time. If you are interested in this research, please click above to learn more about HABIT!