The perinatal period, from pregnancy through the first postpartum year, has critical implication for health and well-being of women and their families. Our goal is to improve the physical and mental health of perinatal women through research, education and training. We are particularly interested in understanding relationships among mood, eating, weight, smoking, and other health behaviors during and after pregnancy and in developing, adapting, and evaluation interventions to address the needs of women and families during the perinatal period. The PHAB Lab is also dedicated to training the next generation of clinical scientists interested in a scientific and clinical focus on women’s health.


Current Research Projects

  • The Health and Behaviors in Transition (HABIT) Study – This study focuses on learning more about health behaviors during and after pregnancy as well as a behavioral intervention program designed help women achieve healthier behaviors. If you are less than 17 weeks pregnant and interested in participating, please click here to learn more!


  • The Maternal-Infant Gut Health Transmission and Eating (MIGHT-E) Pilot Study – This study wants to better understand how physical things like body weight and your gut microbiota and psychological things, like mood, attitudes about food and body weight affect your infant’s eating and weight. If you are in your third trimester of pregnancy and interested in participating, please click here for more information!