Our office floor houses two other projects under the direction of other primary investigators. As we collaborate with their team members often, we feel we are all a part of a collective Health Behavior Research Group! Please take a look below to find out more information about some of our colleagues and their current projects:


Under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Venditti, this study looks at the effectiveness of a diabetes prevention program for people 60 years of age and older.

Primary Investigator:


Dr. Beth Venditti

Staff Members:

Betsy Cwenar
Mary Racek
Kristin Schroeder

Food CUE Study:

Under the direction of Dr. Lisa Germeroth, the Food CUE study aims to examine a novel method, retrieval-extinction (R-E) training, intended to reduce individuals’ cravings for high calorie food and their intake of these foods.

Primary Investigator:

Dr. Lisa Germeroth

Undergraduate Students:

Annie Solomon
Holly Reagan
Caitlin Kubik
Maham Ahmed
Maya Troilo
Abby Obenski
Grace Choi

Other Collaborators:

Dr. Marsha Marcus