Thank you for your interest in our study! Please take some time to read the following information about our study before proceeding to the screening questions that will determine your eligibility to participate.

We would like to first give you a description of our study and if it sounds like something you would be interested in we will get your permission to ask you some screening questions.

This study will involve 300 women, and the purpose is to study the intervention for maternal weight and health. The design of this study is set up in such a way that you could potentially receive no treatment, receive treatment during pregnancy and postpartum, only receive treatment during pregnancy or only treatment postpartum.

All participants who enroll will be randomized (like flipping a coin) to either receive an intervention that focuses on maternal weight, stress and mood or to receive usual treatment during the course of your pregnancy. If you are randomized to treatment you will meet with an interventionist up to 10 times at your regularly scheduled prenatal appointments. You will also receive weekly phone calls and/or text messages. After delivering your baby, you will once again be randomized to receive an additional treatment or routine post-baby care. If you get assigned to the postpartum treatment it will again focus on weight, stress and mood and will consist of biweekly sessions either by phone or in person visits that take place in your home or other convenient location and text messages between sessions.

All participants will complete 4 assessments throughout the course of the entire study. Once at enrollment, another at the end of pregnancy, one assessment when you are 6 months postpartum and a final assessment at 1 year postpartum. Assessments will consist of weight-related measures, questionnaires, interviews and a blood draw. You will also wear an activity monitor (like a watch) for 1 week at each assessment. To compensate you for the time you will spend completing the assessments, you will receive $60 for the first assessment, $40 for the second, $50 for the third and $100 at the final assessment for a total of $250.

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